Webpage Loading Speed in Perfection

April 26, 2019, 10 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Website speed is the first impression we are making to our audience online, based on which visitors make an instant judgment about the business. A fast website not only makes it feel professional and reliable but also motivates people to interact with it, because low latency defines the engagement.

There are various methods to increase a website loading speed that we all know, but only a combination can bring a tangible result. This training aims to show not only the techniques but also their exact impact in numbers. We will start from a simple demo website and optimize its speed step by step using following tricks:

  • Critical path and render blocking
  • Above-the-fold content prioritization
  • Compression, minification, concatenation
  • Selective content delivery
  • Image optimization

The goal is to learn how to use speed optimization methods and integrate them easily while realizing what exactly would it bring.

Anton Caceres

Full-stack developer, running a web-agency in Munich and shaping the local tech community. Founder of Fullstack Events, an organization doing meetups, workshops, and conferences. Always happy to share and learn.

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