Understanding CSS Layout – From inline elements to Flexbox and CSS Grid

April 6, 2019, 10 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

As CSS offers more and more power, it becomes difficult to keep a clear overview: is CSS Grid replacing Flexbox? What happens to the old stuff – floats, tables, and the good old inline-block? When should I start using CSS Grid?

This full-day workshop is a comprehensive and in-depth look at CSS Layout. Flexbox and CSS Grid we’ll be our main focus, but we’ll be looking at them in context to understand how they play with each other and with the other layout modes. We’ll also look at grid usage in design and venture into a more artistic area with CSS Shapes.

Although no prior knowledge of either Flexbox or Grid is expected, we are not going to dwell on basics and move on to advanced topics quickly.

There will be many exercises throughout the day, so please bring your laptop. No special setup required; we'll just need a browser.

Requirements: basic HTML/CSS

Eugene Rabinovitch

Software engineer, worked at Microsoft and Autodesk in Canada, then switched to the web side of things. Has been a freelance web developer in Berlin, Barcelona, and Dublin for over 10 years. Currently works at InterNations, makes talks and workshops on CSS.

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