Design Thinking for Developers

April 26, 2019, 10 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Design Thinking is one of the more recent buzzwords in the design community. Meaning not only design as a visual UI but the way you design the solution for any kind of problem of your customer. Design Thinking is more creative and user-centered than traditional design approaches. Its' purpose is to solve so-called ill-defined or tricky problems. For such type of problems both the problem and the solution are unknown at the outset of the problem-solving process (as opposed to “tame” or “well-defined” problems, where the problem is evident and the solution is possible with some technical knowledge.) Even when the general direction of the problem may be clear, considerable time and effort are spent on clarifying the requirements. Thus, in Design Thinking, a large part of the problem-solving activity is comprised of defining and shaping the problem. After clear understanding of the problem, the next is the solution-phase, which includes different methods and approaches to bring the best prototype to your stakeholders. 
The Design Thinking methodology is not just applied to design problems but to any of life’s situations. It is often used to explore and define business problems and to define products and services.
Within 1-day Workshop you will learn main 6 phases which define a complete process of DT: understanding the problem, observation, define the point of view, ideation, prototyping, testing. You'll have the theory intro to every process step and practical part to bring your personal ideas in.

Requirements: Openness and good mood. No laptops, please.
Max amount of attendees: 10

Denise Wildner

Uliana Andriieshyna

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